Missionary Fun Facts

What seems like basic first aid training to us, may seems like a doctor skills to a villager in the remote parts of Africa.

Having the only SUV for 500 miles makes you the local taxi.

Showing a video using a solar backpack to the locals may scare them more then help them. some have never even seen a TV before.


What is FCM Teams?

FCM Teams is part of Faith Cycle Ministries. We believe that in order to help Christians with their next step in faith, we need to supply the missionaries on the front line with the necessary tools to do their job. We do this by providing them with websites, email addresses, evangelical and training material.

We also noticed that some missionaries, depending procerin on where they are serving, may be the only people in that area with an education and exposure to outside influences.

Because of this the villagers and locals come to depend on the missionaries for more than just salvation and in some cases wont listen to the Gospel that is being preached until the missionary can prove their worth to the local community. This is why we created FCM Teams so we can provide the necessary training and resources to become a better missionary

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What do we offer?

There are hundreds of missions groups out there and they are designed to help you bandar bola get support and provide you with a mission/vision. What we offer are two things:

1) Follow up support - Depending on where you are serving, you may be going from town to town preaching, singing, playing or doing what ever talent God gave you. As you go from town to town who is doing your follow up? Team up with us and we will offer you follow up support. Besides having access to thousands of pages of material within our web site we will also provide you with your own FCM Teams website and a FCM Teams email address.

2) On or Offline Resources - We are creating a large collection of resources and teaming up with other large ministries to provide you with material that can be used all over the world in many different languages. If you are serving in a remote part of the world that does not have internet connection and you have a laptop or computer we will provide you with a very large hard drive(*) that will provide you with training material, evangelism tools, Bible studies, audio, video and a lot more. You can even set it up to network with several computers.


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FCM is always looking for new Ads by DNSUnlocker training material, new material for missionaries and new ways to present the Gospel.

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