Dressing for a Casual Prom

admin   October 26, 2016   Comments Off on Dressing for a Casual Prom

One trend that has been catching on lately is to host a prom that is more casual; not as formal as traditional proms. It can offer a lot of cost savings and just create a more relaxing vibe for guests. Dressing for a casual prom doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it can be really fun thanks to the selection of short prom dresses available today.

Short = Style, Comfort, and Fun

It’s time to start thinking about short prom dresses as a solution to your prom woes. When you opt for a short dress you’re choosing something that is fun, stylish, comfortable, and still sexy. These are the kind of styles that work perfectly for casual, less formal proms. With that said, they are also the types of dresses you can use for other events. This means you’ll really get your money’s worth out of it!

Plenty to Choose From

As you shop for short dresses you’ll find there is no shortage in styles in options. Pretty much everything you can find in a long dress you can find a shorter version out of it. With that said there are two styles that are very popular, which are:

A-Line – This dress has a fitted bodice and then flares out at the waist. Not only is it a beautiful silhouette, it’s also a very comfortable style to wear. It can be worn by most body shapes and sizes, as it is a universal fit. If you are self-conscious of your mid-section, this is a great style.

Column or Sheath Dress – This style of dress has a very narrow shape to it. This cut is straight from the neckline of the dress all the way to the hem. It is very fitted and not as forgiving as the A-line.

Both of these styles are great options for a casual prom.